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You will receive all 5 Mana Symbols in the color of your choosing. All 5 will be the same color unless requested (Extra Cost).

Small: 10.5″ Long x 2″ Tall
Large: 22″ Long x 4″ Tall

Mana comes in different colors, each having a different personality and produced by different lands.

White, the color of order, healing, justice, and LIGHT,but also authoritarianism, subjugation and beaurocracy. It’s produced by plains.

Blue, the color of knowledge, reason, and trickery, the elemental power is WATER. It’s produced by islands.

Black, the color of death, DARKNESS, despair, selfishness, and amorality, but also individuality and ambition. It’s produced by swamps.

Red, the color of chaos, destruction, war, and fury, as well as lightning and FIRE. It is the color of love and emotion, as well as freedom and warmth. It’s produced by mountains.

Green, the color of life, NATURE, growth, instinct, and interdependence. It’s produced by forests.


These work great on cars, walls, laptops, iPads, or whatever really.
The sticker you receive will have be SINGLE COLOR unless otherwise requested.
Contact me for larger/smaller sizes as well as different colors.
Decals can be removed, but are one-time use. Once you stick ’em, they’re stuck!
Clean area with rubbing alcohol for best adhesion. Alcohol will help with any leftover stickies too.

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White – 010, Canary Yellow – 022, Red – 031, Orange – 034, Bubblegum Pink – 045, Olympic Blue – 053, Lime Green – 063, Sapphire Blue – 065, Teal – 066, Grass Green – 068, Matte Black – M070, Gloss Black – 070, Telegrey – 076, Matte Chocolate – 080, Metallic Silver – 090, Metallic Gold – 091, Merlot – 312, Rally/Traffic Blue – 057, Purple – 404, Mint – 055, Mini Diamond Plate, Midnight Metallic Blue, Glitter Teal, Sparkle, Black Carbon Fiber, Silver Carbon Fiber


Small, Large